Ap Text To PDF v2.2 user’s manual



  Ap Text To PDF ( txt2pdf ) is a program to convert ASCII texts into PDF format with a minimum loss of formatting information. support command line, batch convert, encryption, page   orientation font setting ,etc.



Getting started

TextToPDF program is very easy to use.
All you need to do is to choose the text documents you intend to convert and modify the program settings according to your preferences. After that you just need to click the "Open & Convert " button.

You may leave the default settings. 
However, you may want to modify them to adjust some PDF parameters in order to make them more suitable for your design.

Main interface of the software


1. File:

           Open&Convert : Add image files to file list
    Exit: Exit TiffToPDF software.

2. Option:

Setting: more convert parameters.
Always top most: enable/disable the main window at top screen always.
Auto open result file: View PDF file as soon as it be created.
Support drag and drop: You can drag and drop files from Windows Explorer.

3. Help:

Help: Open TextToPDF help document.
 Buy other products: Buy other software online.
 Technical support: Write to support team for some technical question.
 On the web: Go to TexttoPDF web site.
 About: About TextToPDF copyright information.



Options of setting interface:

Command Line interfaces

TXTtoPDF <inputfile> [output.pdf] [parameter table]  

parameter see following table

Encrypt Pring Permission,             e.g. -epp               ,default disable  
Encrypt Copy Permission,            e.g. -epc               ,default disable  
Encrypt Modify Permission,          e.g. -epm               ,default disable  
Encrypt Level 128 bits,                 e.g. -el128 ,default 128 bits  
Encrypt Level 48 bits,                   e.g. -el48              ,default 128 bits  
Encrypt owner password,             e.g. -epo:password      ,default is null  
Encrypt user password,             e.g. -epu:password      ,default is null  
Font Size,                                     e.g. -pfs*              ,(*=1~100),default is -pfs10  
Text Color,                                  e.g. -ptc*              ,(*=0~16777215),default is -ptc0  
Line Auto-Newline,                      e.g. -pln               ,default enable  
Page Width Auto-Adjust,             e.g. -pwa               ,default disable  
Left Margin,                                 e.g. -plm*              ,(*=0~N ,N less than page width)  ,default is -plm64  
Right Margin,                               e.g. -prm*              ,(*=0~N ,N less than page width)  ,default is -prm64  
Top Margin,                                 e.g. -ptm*              ,(*=0~N ,N less than page width)  ,default is -ptm64  
Bottom Margin,                           e.g. -pbm*              ,(*=0~N ,N less than page width)  ,default is -pbm64  
Tab Size,                                     e.g. -pts*              ,(*=0~16) ,default is -pts4  
Auto Open pdf file                       e.g. -oao               ,default disable
Choose page rotation                e.g. –pol* ,(*=90,180,270), default is –POL0.
Choose page orientation           e.g. –pot ,Set page orientation is landscape, default portrait
Overwrite or append if the pdf files is exist     .e.g. -pap, default is overwrite.

Font Name                                  e.g. -pfn*,
          Font code see following table,default is -pfn200  
        Font code, see following table
                100 Times-Roman
                101 Times-Bold
                102 Times-Italic
                103 Times-Bold-Italic
                200 Courier
                201 Courier-Bold
                202 Courier-Oblique
                203 Courier-Bold-Oblique
                300 Helvetica
                301 Helvetica-Bold
                302 Helvetica-Oblique
                303 Helvetica-Bold-Oblique
                400 Symbol
Page Size                                    e.g. -pps*              ,(*=0,1,2,3,4,5),
        Page size code see following table ,default is -pps1  
        page size, see following table
                0 : A3     
                1 : A4
                2 : A5
                3 : B5
                4 : letter
                5 : legal



Requirements to system

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP OS.



Technical Support

      If you have any technical questions, suggests, bug reports, please contact us at




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